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The Studio

The basic equipment and materials for the classic stained glass studio are: pigments and stains, various brushes and quills, an easel or light table, a good stock of glass, a kiln for firing the pigment painted and stained pieces, a small kiln for tests, a lead mill for lead calmes, three or more working tables,soldering irons and the necessary glazing tools and materials.

The old technique of staining glass, which gave its English name to the trade, is nowadays but one of several. The leaded glass technique, simple and used by most practitioners, dispenses with stains and kilns, while the revolutionary dalle-de-verre technique dispenses with most traditional tools and materials as it developed new ones.

Our firm, true to its name, masters all these techniques and others.From medieval times craftsmanship to modern, cutting edge concepts and technologies, we are here to offer you the wonders of manifested light.

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